As a wanderlust, millennial multipotentialite, Veronica Chung loves creating new adventures, meeting new people, breathing inspiration into others, and sharing her transformational journey. She’s always hunting for beauty around the world and using various mediums to share it. In 2015, she won awards from the Soul-Making Keats Literary Contest in both memoir vignette and humor. She’s living in the Bay Area in California while in the process of publishing her first memoir of her series, Be Love, and is also currently planning her next adventure.

Extended Bio

Since Veronica was three years old, she’s loved to read. Her mother would tell her to put her books down for fear she’d bump into things as she walked. It never occurred to her that about 24 years later, after researching thousands of books that she would become an author and write her story. Her childhood dream was to be a librarian, her teenage dream was to be a movie star, and her college dream was to become a world-renowned publicist.

But after graduating Saint Mary’s College during the Great Recession, she decided to make the best of what she could while doing what she loved and was passionate about. This job turned out to be teaching English in Japan through the JET Progam. She moved from California to Awaji Island, a small remote island close to Kobe and Osaka, without knowing the language, culture, or anyone. She taught at two junior high schools from 2011-2013. She was able to help increase the level of interest in English at her schools, coach students to win the prefectural speech contests, and shared her journey through her personal blog and the Hyogo Times.

As Veronica’s second year abroad came to a close, she decided she wanted to share her journey with others in hopes to help inspire and encourage them with theirs. Originally the book started as an advice book, evolved to a memoir, and is currently a memoir series. This series is also a celebration of her life-changing time in Japan and for all those who helped her along the way.